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Dec 12, 2007
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I'm thinking about buying a holga just for fun. Does anyone have a lot of experience with these? They look like the would be a lot of fun. I like the idea of being surprised with the pictures. Is it hard to find places to develop the 120 size film? Will walmart develop it?
I have a Holga and it's great. Luckily I live in Los Angeles where it's easy to get 120 film. I only shoot b/w so I can develop it myself and scan the negatives, so i'm not sure about where to get it developed. (if I shoot color, I go to freestyle photo) I have a flickr set of Holga pics if you want to check them out. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bhop73/sets/72157594145464958/
For the last few months, I've shot strictly Holga. The photos really bring a certain fun to bored and tired eyes. I'm now shifting back into starting to shoot more traditional photographs, but I highly recommend any photographer on purchasing one of these. They're only like 20 bucks too, so no real big loss if you don't like it.

Also: Make sure you do the velcro mod, or tape the back on. I've lots tons of shots to that.
sweet. I'm definitely going to buy one, i just hope i can find somewhere to develop the film. If not i'm starting my first semester of my new photography major and i'm pretty sure we have access to a dark room in my photo 1 class, so maybe i'll be able to do it myself.
I was lucky enough to get two for Christmas, and have been happily snapping away on them for the past week. One's loaded with B&W 120 film, the other with color 35mm, to maximize joyfulness.
yea i saw that, but i like the idea of the 120. I might just have to send it off through the mail. Or figure out how to develop the film myself. I'll have access to a darkroom and all of the necessities soon, including an instructor.
Im also thinking of purchasing one myself. I have seached around and heard that it can sometimes have a bit of light leakage but overall it has top ratings and I think its worth the money. I mainly work with 120 and I love.
And? It's a camera feature. There's plenty of people who buy Holgas BECAUSE they have light leakage.
You can easily tell the ones who don't because their holgas are wrapped in gaffa tape :)

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