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Feb 6, 2015
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This year's holiday shoot was a little different. Between remote schooling and 2 working parents, time was very limited and I had to get a little creative. We missed the fall foliage, we couldn't really go anywhere, and definitely didn't have time to build a themed set. So instead, we put on some matching holiday pajamas and shot on a seamless white background for easy use on holiday cards (which I have yet to order). It's no masterpiece, but I am pretty confident in my lighting setup, and I'm glad we were able to capture something. Side note, this may be my last year shooting my own family pictures. Trying to remember my own posing and posture as well as other subjects while trying to wrangle a young child comes with challenges that don't seem to get easier with each passing year!

  • Key: 38" octobox slightly above and just off-axis camera left
  • Fill: Large styrofoam reflector underneath to fill in shadows from below
  • Background: 2x lights on white seamless in reflectors with b Arn doors to control spill onto the subjects
  • Not used: large reflector camera right, originally fill for of a more Rembrandt-like setup that didn't rally work for this high key shot
  • Definitely used: large pile of Legos on the floor in the foreground (and throughput the room)

Nikon Z6II with 85mm f/1.8s
85mm, f/8, 1/200s, ISO 100

by adamhiram, on Flickr

BTS lighting setup

by adamhiram, on Flickr

Additional commentary on this shoot can be found in this thread about my first impressions with the Z6II.

And a bonus shot of the real star of the show with out of focus holiday lights behind him. Additional discussion on that shoot here.

Nikon Z6II with Sigma 135mm f/1.8s
135mm, f/1.8, 1/60s, ISO 1600

by adamhiram, on Flickr
Good set and I love the tee shirts.
Thanks for sharing your light set up. I like the t-shirts too!
Great looking set up! You have a lot of room to play with in there - impressive.

The big smile in front of the Christmas lights is a winner. Another thumbs up on the cool family tee shirts (or are they jammies?). :icon_thumleft:
Cool, always enjoy your family shots. Having been on here awhile it's interesting to see all the kids growing each year.
Brilliant some cool thinking there a set to remember

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