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Dec 3, 2007
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south, new jersey
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my dad and sister are having a holiday part for their work and my dad is bringing his girlfriend. he wants me to take pictures of them. my house is kind of cluttered so its not like i can just put them up against a wall and backrounds will be too distracting. where do you think i should make them pose? they will be dressed up. his girlfriend is wearing red, hes wearing black, and my sister is wearing gold. if that helps. oh yeah i live in a little suburb in NJ. i dont mind asking them to go to a weird place to take the pic i just want it to turn out good. any advice will be greatly appriciated. i have until tomorrow night. i esp would like advice on where to take the picture at. we dont have out x-mas tree up or anything. or any decorations at that matter. thanks ahead of time!
perhaps in front of a concrete wall? lol. I dono man...

Throw a white sheet over a wall and use that...
Well, I'm not familiar with the area you live in, so it's a hard question to answer quite frankly. I might scout around town, like in my local park for a place with some nice tall pines. You know, like a holiday setting?
not sure that your gonna want to take them and make them "pose" all dressed up in a park or a street haha. do you have a wall big enough that you could pin up a sheet on? If so try that, or take them out side your house if you have a porch or ask a neighbor?

haha you are defiantly not a guy lorrielle :)
I took some pics of a friend of mine for a portrait assignment just by putting up a white sheet hung up on a wall and using 3 desk lamps for lighting, came out with some really nice pics. Cant really give you any advice on how to pose them though. :p
Pose them in front of the house, and open up the aperture so that the background produce a nice bokeh.

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