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Holocaust Memorial


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Mar 16, 2008
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Hello all. I went to the holocaust memorial in miami beach yesterday for some photos. the memorial itself was absolutely amazing. i would like to share some photos, and have some opinions on those. i have about 12, but ill post them slowly over time, so there aren't so many to critique, and maybe you all could check back as i update. if you would like anyways. here ya go.





an amazing place
First picture is really good, the clouds are a nice subtlety (as if it's the souls of everyone on the arm just whooshing away to heaven).

2 loses the context of the arm which is what made the statue so powerful, 3 - 1st shot is just plain better, maybe if the sun was looking through the gates so you could have a "gates of heaven" reference... I don't know though, I think I'd still like 1 better. 4 is, sorry to say, almost disrespectful from my perspective since the guy appears to be looking more with disdain from this perspective, and the size of the head is much larger than the people on the statue making the people on the statue disproportionate. Technically speaking, you don't want to include just the head like that anyways, it's impersonal and looks like a blight on the picture.
oh im sorry 4 cam off this way. it was more of a random snap, but it was very bright hence his squinting appearance. we were both quite serious there, and agreed it was among one of the most emotional memorials we had seen.

a couple for for you



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