honda 1800 .my cruiser


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Apr 20, 2013
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Buford Ga
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Retired have to have something to do .I got a f6b coming also 2013
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Samm, Nice ride, plenty of fun just cruisin' around on her. The picture looks underexposed to me though. If you have LR4, try bumping up the exposure about 2 stops and then pulling the Highlights down, then moving the shadows up some. The shade and the light peeking though is tough to work with.
I actually took this with my cell phone in dec.
Sweet ride, I want a F6 B too, it's a bummer that cruise control is one of the feature they don't have though. Maybe they will put it on in 2014, until then I will keep my VTX 1800 and cruise it till the wheels fall off.
The new F6B is an awsome machine .I test rode 1 here in ga .Wish They had more color choices though.2 colors aint just enough Id like to have one in canary yellow.
And one other thing is they dont have clear coat on the paint .Be carefull how you wash and wax .It will come like powder on the cloth.

Yellow Wolf and i ride the Dragon .Quite often .
Yellow Wolf and i ride the Dragon .Quite often .
Better you than me. I made the mistake of riding The Dragon on a Saturday on the July 4th weekend a few years ago. NEVER again. They only time I ride that road any longer is during the week. FAR too many idiots on it for my tastes, and not all of them on bikes.
I couldn't agree with you more .It's a wed run for me .Not to crowded or bikes .I do love the dragon .Cant wait till i get the new F6B ,gonna be rubbing some highway pegs off.I weld steel plates under my pegs ,cause i do good ground sparks on the curves .Put on a good sparky show .yes im a daredevil ,But respect the bike also.I pray at times that i dont have anything to ad to the pole of shame.Hope i never do .WE should ride.

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