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Apr 3, 2010
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1. Starin off into the distance Momma Tess and Baby Bucky

2. Smilin Tess

3. Curious to what is momma was eating

4. Playin in the field and rompin around

5. These guys were separated from the other horses

6. Bucky never wanted to leave tess' side. Mommas boy.

C&C please.. I'll be goin to the farm for the nxt couple months...so I'll be taking tons of photos of these guys. any ideas on horse photography. It's def. a challange because soon as the camera is out these buggers decide to run off.
Like the first shot, but really like the last shot.

As far as photographing horses ... if you want to just capture them naturally in the pasture, you just have to spend a lot of time with them. Mostly, their heads will be down, grazing, so you have to wait for them to come up or interact with each other to get the unique shots. Some days I get nothing after an hour, at least nothing I haven't done or seen before.

Some obvious things: Don't use a flash. It can easily spook them. Bring treats so they associate you and the camera with a positive experience. They'll get used to the camera after a while and just ignore it. This is good and bad. I can't even yell to get their attention anymore. They are just like "Oh it's that lady with the camera again. Back to grazing."
Thanks!! What time of the day do you usually go? I'm thinking either really early or later because it was really hard with the lighting when the sun was beating down.

I try to never use a flash anyways. Treats are a good idea!! I can lure them in! haha. These horses really are stubborn. The one, Tess, doesn't even look at me when I make tsk noises or call her name. and her baby just hops circles around her when I try to photo him haha.
and the big male horse just likes to put his head on mine and try to eat my camera. I'm thinking a lot of patience is going to be needed!!
Early or late--yes.

They can be stubborn, yes, and they resist collaborating with you. It's easy to get a shot while they are grazing, but much harder to get something unique. Patience, definitely! Looking forward to seeing what you do!

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