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Dec 24, 2005
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Your processing of night shots gives them a lot of mood.


that looks like a plant near me in morris illinois

great photo
that looks like a plant near me in morris illinois

great photo
Hey! I think I know where that is, because I was thinking the same thing. Are you south of Chicago? And is it an Exxon Mobile plant?
thanks guys,

Its actually in long beach area near san pedro CA. There is a lot of cool stuff there.
Hey... I almost had a THORHAMMER night shot last night (didn't bring the tripod though). Just curious though... what settings are those shots mostly?

I rested my camera on a post last night and just shot wildly into the night. I didn't change the iso or anything I just shot 2 or 3 raw shots iso 200 @ 3.5 and 1.5 seconds. Got a grainy/hazy shot (but I wanted to blow my few shots on the card). I know this is no where close but I was freezing and didn't feel like experimenting.

Here's my miserable little shot (please no C&C: this one is crap and I know it's crap):

$011508 046 copy.jpg
The secret of the THORHAMMER refinery shots (which I love, by the way!) is the SMALL aperture he uses, so dpolston, that is where you need to finetune your night shooting to come close. Small aperture. Long shutter speed. And Thorhammer's quite unique post processing .... and the result will be BRILLIANT NIGHT PHOTOS!
Thanks. I used to do a lot of night shots on <dare I say it> film, but that was forever ago.

I need to do more of this. I kinda miss it.

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