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Aug 31, 2011
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beat the heat by keips66, on Flickr
Here is my boy Angus. Relaxing after triple digit temps this weekend in the Bay Area. The trick was to make sure he was absolutely still for the pic. Wanted the deep blue sky.
Nice shot! I like the dogs positioning and Like how you got down on the dogs level for the shot.The Deep Blue is nice as well and I like the string lights in the shot,if thats what they are.:thumbup: what a awesome looking dog.
Yeah it was tough to keep him still for 1.3 seconds. Kept wanting to see what I was doing. The sun was way over the horizon, and it was still very hot.
Don't dogs just have the life!! =)
^thats my 12 year old blue pitt. hes awesome :)
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My neighbors rescue dogs, and they had a few Vic dogs.
That looks amazing.Your dog looks super cool and just on a photography point I think the lights and lighting is perfect.

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