Hot Shoe Diaries - Lighting Book


Dec 29, 2006
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My copy showed up late last week. I have not had a lot of time with it yet but I am really enjoying it.

Why the TinyURL? The link works just fine straight to Amazon.

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I am looking forward to getting this book, but it is out of stock at all my local stores right now!

I stopped in at the local bookstore over lunch and they had 2 copies in!!

Of course I bought onE!! Some good reading for tonight ;)
A lot of the strobist people are complaining becuase he mentions the word Lastolite like 5 times a page and his entire book is focused on Nikon's CLS... so non-Nikon users are a bit put off,even though there is some info there for them.

I am never in a rush to get these kinds of books... I can manage to wait a month or two and then pick them up for substantial discounts once the rush madness eases... lol.

Ah, just found that link... looking it over, and having seen many times how Joe works... short of maybe a few ideas, I doubt that there is much there that I could benefit from in a technical sense. CLS is not complex and once you know it, you know it. Also, when you have over 20 Nikon speedlights in your bag waiting to be used, all it takes is a little imagination and practice to make things work together well.

I'll likely end up getting it anyway, just not immediately.

Good link! :)
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thanks very good recommendation
I've already ordered this book, can't wait until I get it.

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