House Noir


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Jul 21, 2003
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Praktica L
Ilford PAN400

Very nice shot, I love the house in all black, and I like the contrast with the white shinning through the trees and stuff.
Ajacoub I would really like to know how many years experience you have with photography becuase your photos show a real maturity and a practised eye. I dont think I have seen anything of yours that I would not hang on my walls. I like this latest batch. Oh also, do you develop or have them developed?

edit: Also on researching the Praktica L I notice it has no internal meter. Do you externally meter or are you so good you just eyeball it?
I am so glad about compliments but I never thought of showing my photos to public. But last month I decide to scan my photos for this forum and site. I can see many positive comments about my work but still I am a total amateur.
I start with photography when I was 15 year old (in school we had photo section and IO lesarned about technique and other stuff related to photography and photo lab processes). I had then borroved Zenith and at the age of 17 I bought my Praktica L camera. At the age of 18 I bought Carl Zeiss and other lenses.

Last month I bought second hand Minolta Dynax7000i (Maxxum) and my first photos from that camera will be maded I think next week.
So everything here is either maded with Praktica L or borroved digital Olympus.

Dear Tyjax all the photos maded by Praktica is simply doing with external meter and somethimes just as intuition. I don't know why but I mostly like to photo with speed 250.

And some photos are developed in PS (contrast/ selective colours) but I write that if it is done.
I forget to write...

I stopped with photograpy from my 24 till this year (now I'm 36) when my girlfrined motivate me to start again. I must thank all of you people here for motivating me too (esspecially Tyjax) , this gives me more will to continue with this great hobby.

And that last photo House Noir is developed in PS (selective colours, levels, contrast). No effects I never work with them just retouching

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