How BIG?

Rob said:
Cool - don't know what Carlton Draught is though!! :)


nor do I but it might be fun finding out :lol:
I wonder what Carl Orff would think if he knew in what way they used his Carmina Burana :D.
Very well done "BIG AD"! Very well done.
I like the adaptation of the text, which originally goes
"Nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem
ege statem
dissolvit ut
glaciem" etc.

(Don't ask me what it means! I copied it from my written music of the Carmina Burana. We once performed it, before we moved up here, i.e. with my old choir).

Now this big ad better sells some beer, I should say! :D
Fun-NEE!!! Whoever conceived of that, and brought it into being, is my kinda person.

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