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Mar 25, 2009
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they look like they could benefit from some post processing, also try to avoid flat lighting when out doors
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hmmm before any direct input from me a few questions first:

1) what did you use to take the photos - yes I know a camera, but which sort? A DSLR, a point and shoot, a bridge camera (point and shoot with manual settings). Did you use any flash

2) how did you take the shots - handheld - tripod - what shooting mode?

3) What settings did you (or the camera) use for each shot - aperture, shutter speed and ISO? To find this info check the properties for each photo and go to the details tab - scroll down to find the mentioned settings for each shot.

Also if your after crits its best to post all that info in the first post to help give people an idea of what you have to shoot with, how you are thinking and how the settings have worked.
This might also help:
A Guide to Flower Photography « Overread’s Weblog
May I suggest posting one image at a time and asking for input on that one image? Then focus on what feedback you get and put the suggestions to work!

From the group you posted, the fifth is easily the most appealing to me. It has a more interesting composition and shooting angle, the poppies are slightly isolated from the background and the lighting is good. Are there things that can be tweaked? Sure, but that almost always true!

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