Driving through the Texas country side


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Jan 10, 2009
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Fort Worth, TX
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From a driving event yesterday..

I think it would have been way more awesome had the R8 been the only car in the picture...[or well, the F430 or Viper] But.. Still some awesome cars. Not the biggest fan of Bentley though.

*edit* as for the picture itself, I like the fact that it is going through the country side, I place where you generally don't associate Exotics with.
It is a really cool car, especially the front end and headlights.. It's very photogenic

Yea, I honestly love the way Audi is going with their cars right now. I love the R8 cause it is just different. Very Sleek and fresh.
Any PP suggestions? I only did some basic filters with the above...

Generally just not alot you can do with black and white that already has that much contrast.

Im not sure what program you use.. In lightroom I would probably bump the clarity on it up.
Personal opinion, the only shot that I liked was the first one in the post that started with "a few more". The one with the R8 on the brown road. The road is a very neat element in the shot and you had the camera at a nice angle to the scene. Nice composition. A little underexposed, perhaps, but cool.

Aside from that, I think the compositions need a lot of work. Positioning of the cars in more interesting positions, better angling (obviously not something you can always control), etc.

I am NOT a car shooter, but I've seen enough of the good car shots to know some of the rules around really nice car shots. Maybe one of the more avid car guys will pipe up here with some more specific suggestions.

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