How could you not go "Awwww" at this

Awwww...very cute!but i must say.. poor little things.
Oh my, they are terribly cute!!!! Quite possibly in the same league as penguins and otters....
Oh yes. Hedgehogs! They are terribly cute! We used to help some hibernate in the winters from 1999 to 2000 and also from 2000 to 2001.

See here (pics taken in autumn of 2000 - scans from film, and Sabine has changed a little in the past 7 years!)

(Posting the links only as not to really hijack your thread).
Too true. Once you have had baby hedgehogs in the house to help them hibernate, you DO want to care for them personally. Ours did not have broken legs, but one of the three had pneumonia and coughed and coughed. Poor little "Erika".

She walked off a happy hedgehog in spring of 2001 :D.
Hey, Corinna... the hedgehog in the 3rd pic looks really depressed... but at the same time thankful for the love received. That'a a great image... and a great thing to do ;)
That "depressed" looking one might have been "Erika", how am I to know today. They all look the same, more or less. Her brothers "Zecki" and "Erizo" walked away after only two days, and some vet's treatment to fight their ticks and worms, but "Erika" stayed with us all winter.

The winter before, we had "Hedgie", now THAT one was ONE relaxed hedgehog after a while!!! Look:

And everything was all right with him. He just chose to watch TV like that! No kidding!
Our kids had pet hedgehogs. When tame, they are really good pets and very cute. My 28 Y.O. son talks often of getting some again.

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