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Oct 31, 2020
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New Mexico
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For those of us that make a living from photography. How is online marketing working out for you these days? The pandemic strengthened online everything since the onset, but now that it's receding and/or everyone is sick of social distancing I’ve been noticing a withdrawal from social media sites and an uptick in the use of blogs and news letters within photographic dealers. Are you seeing changes? Are social media outlets helpful? What changes are you seeing?

For several reasons I deleted myself from social media. The biggest reason was how much time I spent on it when I could be making art instead. Since starting the blog two months ago I’m seeing small but consist increases in traffic to my website, more traffic in fact than years of social media promotion. Plus, I’m spending less time creating blog posts over tending social media accounts. I like the blog formate since I like to interweave a few words with lots of photographs to create a story.

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What do you think? Would love to hear some feedback!

Hi Deon - I don't make a living from photography, so I can't speak to that. In general, I think maintaining an online presence is crucial now, but agree that it shouldn't be what takes up a large percentage of your valuable time.

I took a peek at your site and blog, and find them very impressive. Easy to navigate the site, and it leads easily to the blog. Nicely done.

I love your murals! :heartpump: Great work by you and Trish.

Hopefully, someone else here with more pointed experience in online marketing than I have will weigh in. :)
Im definitely no expert, and I dont think there is one definitive answer. Try to expose yourself (not in the illegal way!) to online places that your potential clients might lurk. Social media shouldn't be ignored, search engines like to see you being active. Dont be a slave to social media though, and treat it like a business tool. Yes blogs are good for exposure too, note to self to do some more.
I'll never make a living at it. Start making money and you up your standard of living so have to work harder. Working harder to make a living is just what it sounds like, work! I'm retired, why would I want to work. Actually I'm not sure what I like best, making frames or picture's! Just got back into frames recently. Make them from old wood and actually sold a lot of them around here. Every rancher in the area has a few! Do bird dogs a lot also and lot of bitd dog owner's have my photo of their dogs and some in my frames. Got burned out doing dog as when I went out to a trial to do it, it simply took to much af my time and lot of people simply don't care to pay for photo's. Been a good while since I've tried selling any photo's or frames at all, most people simply don't appreciate it! Well came into three piles of old wood off a remodel job and fired up to make frames again. Actually I think there would be a good market for them as I'm the only person I know of making frames from scratch. But even liking maaking them will turn it into work! I worked all my life till I was 65 yrs old and done with that! If I was to actually try opening a frame shop, the work on running a business would drive me nuts! If I caan post this, A sample of a photo I did years ago in a two piece old wood frame!

See if I can get a bird dog photo in here! My Snicker pointing a bird recently. Can't remember but think the photo I sized to 9"x18" and made a new different frame for it.

Totally agree that the online landscape is changing. While some are drifting away from social media, I do still find value in it, especially as a means to showcase my photography and connect with audiences who appreciate my work. But having your own blog as a supplement does sound like a beneficial move. With your blog, you've complete control over your storytelling and user interactions.
It's all about balance: choosing platforms that complement your style and resonate with your target audience. To get a clear idea of where your audience spends their time online, monitoring trends and successful marketing campaigns can help. I've been using this AdSpy software for my social media pages, which provides great insights on this front. So, I highly recommend it to all those who want to get a better online presence.
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I see social media as just another web site. A place for people to see examples and contact you. Not some interactive chat/text forum.

Nothing wrong with just hanging a site/profile/account out there and then mostly ignoring it for a few months, or years.

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