How do i control multiple flash units from my nikon d40?


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Jan 5, 2008
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I want to start up an amatuer studio so that i do not have to pay silly prices for good family portraits, i am "officially" the family photographer now i have bought the d40 but i love it so dont mind at all, but i do not know yet how to control multiple flashes from one camera.

I have heard of sync cables and slave units etc etc but nobody has broken it down in plain englsh for someone who is a complete novice, could someone do this for me please ans also any tips on how to setup a basic studio on a small small budget would be great!! Im far from being too posh for second hand gear so old methods are welcome.

I already have a tripod and have a diffuser ( a real small one ) a spirit level on its way for the hot shoe and two "external" flash units which could go on the hot shoe powered by batteries. I also have a remote control so i can get into the photo.

My email address is [email protected]. I put this here as im not familiar with Forums and do not know if i have set it up right so that i receive the alert of a reply.

Please help!!!


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