How do you copyright your digital photos?


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Nov 26, 2007
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Or I mean how do you get the circled C as a font?
© Alt-0169 gives you= © or on a mac I think its option-g? <- not 2 sure on the mac it's been a while

ALT+0169 (On num pad) = ©
I type ALT + 184 on the number pad and get it... ;) Funny. © <- see? ALT + 184 that was.
Ok its not working... Do you actually have to push the + button?
No. Keep ALT pushed and push in the numbers on the number pad. No plus. Just keep ALT pushed WHILE you put in the numbers. And the numbers from the line of numbers above your letters on the main keyboard won't do the trick, either. And the +-sign is only a means of explanation...
Ok its not working... Do you actually have to push the + button?

No, quite literally press and HOLD the ALT key and hit the 4 numbers.

Also, you cannot do it normally on a laptop, becuase they do not have the numeric keypad activated (under some of the letters). The numbers have to be typed in from the numeric keypad, so if you want it to work, turn on the numeric, hit ALT+0169 and it will show. -> © <-

You also could copy and paste it if you are really lost.
when I press Alt+184 I get this little guy here " &#9557; ". What the hell is this thing? It's like a backwards f but under the midline for writing like a lowercase 'p' would be. This is weird. Alt+0169 give me " © ". Yay!
yeah, macs are easier :p

what's with the code numbers - i've never understood how to make use of those when someone mentions them :)

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