How do you get ready for a party?!!?

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Nov 13, 2007
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I am going to a party tonight - its a joint 40th birthday party for my mate and her husband. I usually work weekends and I haven't been out on a weekend in a LONG TIME and haven't been to a party in even longer...should I like warm up to like party mode, should I throw myself in there or should I like freak out!??

What do YOU do before a night out?! (What are you up to tonight?)
you should just throw yourself in there!

let me give you my plans for today...

at some point in the next few hours, im going to shower because im meeting an old friend at 1 for mongolian in the town we grew up in.

when we are doing schmoozing, ill hit up some malls and do some christmas shopping working my way towards southern jersey.

ill stop into princeton to see the bf and ill wait for him to get out of work.

from there, we'll probably go to a bar or some kind of club to see live music.

and to answer your question, before a night out, i take a shower and get dressed. :)
I like that plan - I must wash!!



Tonight I'm hosting my birthday party/a general hang out for a bunch of friends.

So what do I do to plan?

-Wash all the cups.
-Prepare lots of ice.
-Clean the place
-Get the TV + Wii ready
-Get some beer for those who don't bring their own
-The triple S of ****, shower and shave

Hope your night'll be as good as mine
Well, the party is a joint thing so lots of people are going, the bar is cheap coz its a private function and all the regular faces are going - my mum owns a pub so all the people from the pub are going to this party and I usually work saturday nights - no one is going to be in the bar coz everyone is going to be at the party. We got someone to cover me so i'm going too! Nice. I have been reiably informed that some old friends of mine who I havent seen in a while are going too, which will be awesome.

I dont have much money but I plan to sneak a lift with the people i'm going up there with, steal drinks, hide stuff like food up my jumper so i dont go hunry and have a bit of a giggle. :D

I then plan to come home, hopefully not TOO drunk and call my husband - which could turn into a very interesting conversation like "uurrgh, uuuhhh, eerrugh" hah..

Drunk people, eh?
I would have a shower, dig out some clothing which matches the expected temperature and humidity at the party ... would so some styling to my hair, make sure i smell nicely, would put on my "come o girls get me" smile and then join the party. OK, then I would probably just sit around bored and empty some glasses :p
You see, I am just a miserable jerk who has no life ;)
Well tonight I'm going to a party, and in preparation I'm sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea... wild thing. Then it will be shower, changed and out... not much getting ready with me!!
well being a billy no mates I have no idea what a party is :(
send some over here!

[edit:] was referring to chips... which I thought I had seen on here, but apparently this was an illusion ...
just to clarify i made some random posts about chips in the oven which i then deleted realised i was talking absolute nonsense....shameful. party was good tho, shame we had to leave early to gte last trian home...

my hindsight advice for party preparation is to eat dinner. and remember that you have to sit next to the people you talk nonsense to come monday
when I was in college and had 3 roomates, we'd nock a few shots back, drink a few beers out on the porch and listen to the stereo, and about dusk, start walking downtown to the bars. At night we would split a cab for the less than 1 mile ride back to the house. That would not be a fun crawl back

1, we dont have to drive, no DD. 2, by the time we get to the bar we're already feeling good and dont have to spend so much money.

I'm to old for all that sh*t now though, I usually just chill at the house and invite people over from time to time. No prep though.
The party was like going to some distant cousins wedding reception. It wasn't good. We put in an appearance, got bored and went to the pub instead.

I woke up with a really sore throat this morning but no hangover. I've got to cook breakfast for about 12 people in a minute! OH the fun of greasy food!

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