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Jun 13, 2010
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brighten eyes in GIMP? Both of my kids have brown eyes that seem to turn black in pictures. Is there a fairly easy way to fix this in GIMP?
Easiest way (but not the prettiest) is to just choose the dodge/burn tool.. Set it to dodge at about 50% opacity/fuzzy feathered brush, and paint over the area you want to brighten.

Another nice way to do it, is to make a couple different layers. Give one a screen, add layer mask- paint back in the eyes. Then do a multiply layer with about 40% opacity, and paint back in the iris of the eyes.
lol I'm so not good at this. I understood the dodge/burn one, but the other one sounded like gibberish to me. >.<
It's ok! I'm still learning all of this, there is SO much you can do with editing. =)

If you go to "layers" click duplicate layer twice.

There are different layer modes, all set as drop down boxes in your layers pallette.

Play around with it..and get a feel for what the different modes do.

Screen-is great for brightening people and other subjects. But do set the opacity bar (just under the mode drop down menu in the layers pallete) to something that doesnt' look otherworldly.

Multiply- essentially adds contrast and darkens things a bit..but also has a nice saturating effect on colors.

If you add a layer mask (I always choose black) by right clicking the top layer then the "add layer mask" it will "hide" the layer. In order to "see" the layer you multiplied/screened/ or otherwise altered in some have to "paint" with a white brush (the mask is black) to reveal what is under the mask. Then, only the areas you choose will be revealed.

Does that help a bit? There are lots of great tutorials on the web, too.
That actually helps a ton. It's kind of like copying the image, editing it, then cloning in what you've done. I've always worked with Paint shop pro, so GIMP is new to me. :)

Thanks. I've been playing with it and I seem to (kinda) have the hang of it!
Gimp scares me! As soon as I finished downloading it & opened it up I immediately had to close it because it overwhelmed me, lol. I need to get up the courage to open it back up again & start learning/looking at the tutorials.
I love paint shop pro and can do a ton of stuff in there, but GIMP is quickly growing on me.

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