How is my cat?

Discussion in 'Just For Fun!' started by jemce_7698, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Watch out my cat's photos .... & tell me how is it?

    Suggestions and tips for better shots and PP are welcome but as of today I've only had my camera for about 2 weeks so I am extremely green.


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    First of all, best way of presentation is one where the photos show one underneath the other instead of next to each other so that everyone has to scroll horizontally. Pushing the space key twice between links will help you getting there (you can still go back into your thread and edit it accordingly).

    Further, I only get to see two of your photos, don't know if you meant to post three, but the one red x suggests as much. So I can only talk about the last two.

    As to those, I feel that direct, inbuilt flash tends to ruin just about any photo taken in dark surroundings. It may serve you well as fill flash, but other than that it is too direct light, which creates nasty shadows, and falls off too fast. And it makes poor kitties squint (see last photo).

    The second is a horizontal photo of a prolonged face with big ears ... and by your choice of format, you not only cut off some of her whiskers, but also one ear. It is my opinion that in cat portraits, the ears should always be included whole - or you move up that close that you only get the face and not even the least bit of an ear.

    So in that respect the second I see (last) is better, but, like I said, poor kitty has to squint with the bright light and ... ach well, sorry for her/him...

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