how much if any should i charge?


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Dec 22, 2005
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honolulu, hawaii
sorry im a n00b so bare with me.
backstory: i was approached by someone to do a shoot for them (low level record lable). they need shots of the owners/operators of the label and the artists they have signed. they approached me as i was just strolling around with my camera snapping pics for the hell of it, and asked me if it was something id be interested in.

so, at a n00b level, with only a half assed portfolio to my name, and not much in the way of credentials(sp?), what do i say when they ask me how much i charge? id like to make a buck if possible, but i also know that im in no position to charge much. so assuming they dont offer me a certain amount, what is an average rate i could go by?

thanks in advance'
Perhaps charge them only for the images that they want, without a sitting fee, given your limited experience. $20-25 per image perhaps.
what would a seasoned photog charge? sitting and per image? im new to the whole getting payed thing. ive only done a few gigs here and there and i just took whatever was handed to me (which wasnt always bad), but i guess you gotta start somewhere right
it's alot different for different types of photography.... for band shots i've seen hourly rates easily in the hundreds for sitting fees. Per image really depends...are you giving them the high res digital images or prints?
Years ago I made a plastic model of a Samurai vs. a Ninja in 1/35th scale. It won a Best of Show in the New Mexico State Fair. About three weeks later, I was offered by someone to purchase it. I stated that it was approx. $1000.00. They declined saying that they thought I'd take $50.00. The lesson here:

In general, most photographers of any sort will try to match the general amounts charged across the country based on the type of work.

Translation: average out the cost based per hour by looking at other photographer's price sheet. The last time I did this was about two months ago and came out to approx. $120 per hour. Keep in mind, that as a newbie, you will want to lower that cost a bit, (usually 20%) so charge approx $75-90 per hour. (DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR WORK EASILY!) If they decline, I can almost guarantee you that they wanted a free-be. Have confidence in your work, and if someone offers you a job without knowing your work, be cautious. But, still have fun, and you never know, it could become a good money maker for you.
Soocom has given some great pointers. I am just starting out so I can't offer any advice just an experience. There is a professional photographer that is one of the very best I have seen (of the equine photographers...we raise horses and love her pictures for promotion purposes). She is exceptional and charges $200 per horse (I haven't used her in a year but she had a $3000 minimum) and her pictures started at $45.00 each (this is a 8x10).

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