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Oct 6, 2009
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I just got a Canon 50D, and I love it. So, for now Im going to shoot with it, and sell my d80 setup, to fund some other projects, and then hopefully get a d90 soon. Anyways, how much should this setup sell for. Heres a list of what I got. Everything is in perfect shape. No scratches, scuffs or anything. Was bought new in January, and Ive had it since august.

- Nikon D80 DSLR Body
- 18-55mm Lens
- 55-200mm Lens Non VR
- 52mm 45x High Def Wide Lens with Macro Attachment
- High Def 2.0x Super Telephoto Lens Attachment
- UV Filter
- CPL Filter
- Tripod
- Remote
- Backpack style carrying bag ( Lowepro slingshot 200aw )
- 4g SD card
- 2 Batteries
- 2 Chargers
I dont keep jumping? this is the first time Ive ever switched.. I have a D80 and a Canon D50. And right now I prefer the 50d over the d80, so Im going to use it for now. and sell the d80 to fund other stuff Ive got going on. I will be getting a d90 after the beginning of next year ( 3 or 4 months ), and I dont think theres anything wrong with using a Nikon and a Canon, To me I dont have to show faith towards a " brand "... I have a Chevy and a Ford Truck as well, and I like them both in their own way lol
yeah, going from nikon to canon and back to nikon... I mean you could pretty much just sell the 50D to fund the D90 couldn't you?

ohh, you want to have both... not it's absolutely fine to do so. Few people do so that all of their equipment will work together, and theoretically you don't have to have as many redundancies... but if you want to then by all means go for it. I read it as you were selling the D80 and you had a 50D and then you were going to sell that to go back to the D90.
Only problem I see with having both Canon and Nikon equipment is that if you will be having "good glass" for both camera bodies, you will be spending a L-O-T more money to provide high quality lenses for both "systems".
Hmm for most people its not so much showing faith or remaining brand loyal - its a finance factor. The camera body itself is perhaps on of the lesser important items in a setup - with glass being one of the most important.
Now since canon and nikon lenses don't interchange between the brands well (I beliver there are adaptors but things like AF and aperture blades can be a problem) it means that if you are to split between the two brands your going to have to have a lot of money go get good glass. And honestly speaking glass is where you want to focus your expenses - camera bodies are all well and nice, but you will get a much bigger increase in image quality if you start investing in the pro grade lenses (as well as fast AF, anti shake in some as well as other nice things).

I'm not saying what your doing is right or wrong, just that I would pause for a moment and consider where your going with your setup and what glass would be really nice to have

ps for 2nd hand prices I can't advise as I don't know the market, but if you check the sales on ebay you can get a good idea
No, Im not gonna sell the 50D to fund the D90. Im going to have both ( My girlfriend will shoot more with the Nikon ), I just gotta wait till after Christmas to buy the D90, because Christmas drains the account for a couple months. I think Im going to switch religions to save money! lol jk
If you want to save some money, it is better to have both bodies belongs to the same brand as noted by others. In that case, you can share lenses and accessories. Especially for some lenses that you do not use often such as Ultra wide, macro or big telephoto lenses.
Since you already have the Canon you want for you, why not just let your gf shoot the D80, or is she a good enough photographer that she could take advantage of having a D90 over a D80?

When you have some cash saved up, simply sell the D80, put that cash with your other $$ you have saved, and buy the D90 if you need one. The lenses you already have will work fine on a D90 until you have more money to spend on better lenses if you need them.
Just like an estimate of what you think the entire outfit is worth.. not each individual piece... too much work lol

You may get between $650 and $700 for your stuff, maybe more if you are luckier than I am. Would have to research eBay and other sites for what stuff is actually selling for.

A good bit of what you have itemized, filters, remote, macro attachments, extra charger, will not add a significant amount to sale price you will get.

But it doesn't make sense to sell D80 lenses to buy D90 lenses.

Will your gf be shooting in full manual, or auto mode?

Also, the value of your D80 depends on condition and actuation count.
yeah, I was going to guess 700-800, but I really don't know I haven't checked ebay too much.

Like the above poster asked, is there a reason you would sell the lenses that will work on the d90 again later?

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