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Dec 20, 2008
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I went to the zoo, and this picture just turned out more sharp than all the others and I'm just wondering, why?

would help if we could see the others..mainly because i wouldnt call this one sharp... just post one or 2 of them that your comparing it to so we know what your calling sharp and whats not sharp
Which camera? What lens?

Sharpness is a combination of factors - depth of field, focus, optimal aperture, how steady your hands were / use of a tripod, etc.
Just checked the EXIF

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS 1/128s f/3.2

f/3.2 is not a particularly optimal aperture for depth of field. With 50mm focal length, 1/128s is safe enough against hand shake.

The subject (elephant) is right at the center and your autofocus just hit right on giving you a sharp image.

So I suspect your other not-so-sharp ones are simply out of focus to some degree.

If you just point and shoot with your AF while the subject is not at the center, you tend to focus on the wrong object.

Another common reason for a blurred photo is using a shutter speed too slow to counter for the subject movement or your own hand shaking.

Hope this helps.

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