How to acheive something like this?


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May 18, 2009
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im a little confused.

ive been coming across lots of water droplet/splash pictures that are of this style:

Droplet image by operabutterfly on Photobucket

how exactly is soemthing like this set up?

i know how to setup normal water droplet shots, but this seems like a whole different ball game.

flat surface, and the flat surface is hit from underneath?

any ideas? thoughts? its gonna be a rainy week so im looking at spending some free time ;)
Looks to me like it's paint not water, and that it's hitting a hard surface, not water. Which could very well give that result, but it might be difficult to replicate
i'd agree with it being paint...

could be surface of a drum? or a drum-like surface?
I've done this before, and paint works better
i'd agree with it being paint...

could be surface of a drum? or a drum-like surface?

Yeah, you might be right about the drum and paint... Hmmm, where can i find a drum now...

Unless there is qnother way!
It's paint on a thin drum like surface (membrane) with a speaker underneath - you turn on the music and the vibrations shake the membrane which sends the pain flying into the air. Of course what music you use and how loud etc are up for debate.

Canon recently had something like this done for an advert for their photos - having a highspeed flash and shutter rig really helps with this kind of work but then things start to get somewhat expensive ;)

And flickr to the rescue - even more info:
Sound Sculptures Dentsu London Sound Sculptures

and the guys flickrstream
Flickr: linden.g's Photostream
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