How to achieve this type of studio lighting?


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Mar 5, 2018
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I've been trying really hard to replicate this lighting but without success. It's a natural even soft light, I use a softbox placed relatively far away and then a reflector. I have a feeling there's V flats involved in this set up but they dont provide a catchlight so its hard to know.

Any help or advice is appreciated

glossier - Google Search:

glossier - Google Search:

glossier - Google Search:
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The red-haired model appears to be lighted by a small-diameter bowl reflector, like a 7-inch or 8-inch, with diffusion material fitted to the flash head. Using a 35-degree grid, then placing four Speedotron white, frosted mylar diffusers directly on the front of their 7-inch reflector will achieve a very similar lighting look as seen in the first shot. and the last shot (same model), and as in the 7th shot, which is an accidental repeat of the first shot.

The picture named glossier-guerilla marketing.jpg, frame (#8), looks like a 20- to 22-inch beauty dish with a diffuser on the font of it, plus another light source, which looks to be a small softbox to me, like say a 24x24 inch square one.

The frame-filling closeup of the eyeball and the eyebrow? See that small,white,rounded,pin-point catchlight? That is what a small, diffused flash reflector throws. A 5- to 8-inch reflector has that type of "signature" catchlight.

If these are not your own photos, removing the shots is the right course of action, and simply posting links to the images would be the correct thing to do.
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