Need advice on home studio equipment

I tend to look at flash meters with the “buy once, cry once” concept. A couple of years ago my venerable Minolta Flashmeter III got replaced after 35+ years service due to a few slide levers breaking off. So when replacing it I’d rather spend a bit more for features that come in handy since I may own it for a few decades or more.

The percent flash to ambient is very useful, especially if one is looking to determine ratios of ambient and flash fill. Helpful if one is relying on ambient to do some of the work illuminating the subject and then using flash to do the rest, percentages tell you just how much the flash is influencing it. Check this site, Fill-Flash Tutorial

The L-478 also lets you install camera profiles for more accurate dynamic range exposures, important if one uses ISO to get ambient since DR diminishes as ISO increases. It displays visual references to show you clipped shadows and highlights.

And of course one can get models that sync with other triggers, a Godox model may be coming, mine is Pocket Wizard compatible since Godox wasn’t on the scene when I bought it.
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Hi to those following the thread! I said I'd post my first test shots, so here are a few. I can't believe how many possibilities there are with only 3 lights. I was able to shoot at ISO 64 indoors basically in the dark. Unbelievable. Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who weighed in and helped me figure out what to buy. It's a whole new world for me.

Here's one photo of my dog and three of my fave gargoyle, all using the same gray background. I cloned out some fabric wrinkles and the edge of one of the strobes, but otherwise, these are pretty much straight out of the camera.

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