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    I'm the main author of the following free software (Windows 95/XP/Vista) and I'm excited to speak about it [​IMG]

    The purpose of it is to easily create a web gallery.
    If you're interested, check at the gallery demos and download the freeware from here:
    httphotos:// create photo website

    The software has four tabs on the top:
    - Select Photos
    - Touch Up
    - Customize Template
    - Publish To Web


    How to create a web gallery in 3 clicks:
    - From "Select Photos" tab, click the "add photos" icon (1st click)
    - Select photos you want to put in your web gallery (you can use CTRL-A)
    - Your selection will show as thumbnails you can reorganize by drag'n drop
    - From "Publish To Web" tab (2nd click), click on "Write On Local Drive" button (3rd click)

    Voila! your web gallery is ready! it is generated into folder "My Documents/httphotos"

    It's woth a try to play with the "Customize Template" tab. Flash templates are available here. But it's going to be some more clicks!

    Hope this will be helpful!
    Please leave comments,

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    From the comment above, taken exactly as the words are written...

    So YOU'RE the guy who wrote Vista...


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