How to find what kind of photography you like?


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Mar 8, 2012
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Columbia, TN
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So i enjoy photography, but the only thing is that i find myself all over the place when it comes to the things i shoot. I would like to hear some suggestions on things i can do that could tell me more of what kind of photography i prefer over the other.
Well, I'm afraid, no one else can tell you that. You must spend time "being all over the place", I guess, and then begin to feel what it is that you like most of all.
I must admit that even after almost 40 years of taking photos, I've never really "settled" on any specific subject and I STILL quite like to be "all over the place", doing landscapes, portraiture, events, sports, theatre, macro, travel photography - as long as there is a beautiful picture in something, or as long as there are scenes I'm unlikely to ever get to see in the future, I'll take a photo of it.
As LaFoto said, you have to take photos of everything to find out! I mostly enjoy photographing wildlife because you can sit watching animals for ages to do something worth a photograph, then when they do and if you catch it, the rewarding feeling is amazing!
Look at as many photos as you can stand, in magazines, internet, museums, etc., etc. You may find that some types of photography just seem more interesting to you than others.
You have any pix you want to hang up or show off? Do more of that.

Nothing wrong with be a 'all over the place' photog either.
Like all the other posters worries.

Get out and shoot all you day you will wake up and realize you are shooting what you like. It's a journey.
Yup just keep doing what you're doing, over time you might find yourself wanting to shoot certain things more than others, but maybe not. Thats perfectly fine. +1 on looking at magazines and going to galleries. Helps with inspiration.
As a relative noob myself, I agree with other posters, shoot anything and everything. Either you will continue to shoot everything or find something you really enjoy. A win win no matter what!
Although I much prefer my self-induced rigorous method of shooting landscapes, especially being alone with the quiet and solitude...........


............I find myself enjoying the challenge and spontaneity of other genres of the craft:

I had a general sense of what I liked to shoot even before I got into photography. So when I got into it, I knew where I wanted to go. But everyone is different. I like to shoot people but others like to shoot animals or buildings then you have those that just shoot everything lol whatever you shoot, make sure it's with your camera!
As others have said there is nothing wrong with being all over the place. I am that way too, so far. You may eventually find what it is you prefer to photograph but until then just enjoy the experience and have fun.
Photography is an art and it comes from inside of you, its only you who can explore what excites you, let it be sports, glamour,Wild life, adventure or any other, taste it to know it, as of now you can keep going with all kinda stuff whatever comes in your way, but remember do it if u enjoy it!
you have to decide your self that which kind of photo you can shoot batter and best , i suggest that Wild Animal and many more photo are good for general human

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