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Mar 12, 2012
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San Antonio, TX
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Morning everyone...

I had a friend just ask for me to take some pictures of her and her kids. Here in texas we have the iconic "patch of Bluebonnets" picture,but i am not sure of what settings i should use since i am new to my nikon d3100.. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
This is not so easy as it is going to depend on the lighting conditions. Something you can try is to take a shot in auto mode and then check the metadata to see what the camera decided and review the results to determine if that is what you desire or what changes you want to make.
I.E. depth of field , sharpness etc. Then you can make those changes using another mode.
sharpness meaning shutter speed :)
Do not get caught in that trap of always using the LOWEST ISO value your camera has if that low ISO means the shutter speed will drop to dangerous levels!!! If you are in bright sunshine in Texas, sure, feel free to shoot at the lowest ISO level. But, if the session is after school, and happens to take you into open shade as a result of the time of day, or occurs during an overcast period of weather,then feel free to bump the ISO level up to 400 or 500 or even 640 if needed to ensure a shutter speed that will STOP motion and prevent camera shake.

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