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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Quizbiz, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Right now making money is not something I really want as I don't have a nice SLR camera and lots of gear etc. I just want to be a little more known as a nice photographer in my neighborhood etc. No one has ever asked me to take pictures for them outside of school and I can see why, but..i don't know how to explain it...If I could I'd go to an event take pictures for free and if they want any of the pictures I could a) give it to them for free or b) charge a very small fee, but why would someone want a 14 year old kid taking pictures at their special event?

    No one but my family, the school, and the nighboors who happen to be out while I ride my break searching for pictures know I photograph. So all I want is some tips... How can I show off?

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    maybe you should offer to photograph some of your neigbors kids or pets for free and give them a proof sheet and if they like any, offer them prints at cost or at a very good price. You can also make a website and tell people to check out your work. if you have no money or skills to build a site just start a free little gallery at a host like webshots or equivilent. sometimes a little bit of shameless self promoting helps. anyhow, good luck to you on your quest. oh, you shoot film or digital? it might get costly to pass out free proofs from film.
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    Costs mount up very quickly, especially with film. Film is good though and many people, especially older folks will love the fact you're sticking with something they know.

    At 14, you will have real difficulty making money, not the least of which is the tax situation - which you really don't want to get into. Keep things casual and cash and don't try to make lots of money, but also be fair to yourself - charge the costs + 20%. Tell people that is how it is and they'll respect it.

    Events photography is difficult. There is also a large chance of stiff competition from someone who is closer friends with the organiser/family etc.

    My advice would be to practise taking pictures at your own expense, and get the great ones printed out a little larger than standard size, and try and sell some prints. Start small - beg for a stall at a car boot sale or similar and try and sell a couple of pictures. You'll quickly learn what sells - play the sympathy card - you're a young artist trying to make a break...

    Also, for exposure, use a website as a gallery there a plenty out there who offer a range of free services, don't pay for anything to start with. My site gives people galleries for free (if they are of a certain standard). With exposure and getting known, you can get business cards, but this will look a bit funny from a 14yo and you must be careful who you give them to. Take a friend round with you, or preferably a parent whenever you're attempting something new.

    Start with charity events, village fetes, markets. The local church will be a massive photographic and marketing opportunity - talk to the vicar/preacher/rabbi or whomever FIRST and get them on side. They might even let you do a talk to the congregation if you can do a photographic competition for everyone like "Easter Pictures".

    Ideas should come easily to you, and don't let anyone tell you that something won't work - find out for yourself (without spending too many $$$).

    Good luck.
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    You're 14 and worried about this???? The way to get a good rep is experience. Don't expect much early in your career. A lot of people never get recognition. Be patient and work hard. Let people see you out there shooting, let them see your work, and never settle for good enough.Do these things and what robhesketh posted and you'll take better pictures at the very least. A free website is a good cheap alternative for you to be able to show people your work without the expense and trouble of a physical portfolio.
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    At 14 you might be a little limited, but I would suggest trying to meet other photographers in your area. Find some photo groups and get involved. Not only will you start a network up, but the tips and experiance can only help you. Alot of cities will run photo contests, start entering. Check out small cafes and coffee houses. They like to put up local art work.

    At least its a start.

    Good Luck
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    It's very easy to understand you're young and trying to raise money for what you like to do (photography) by doing what you like to do (photography). If you can, take advantage of your youth and do what you can before you have the fiscal responsibilities of, mortgage, car etc. Most of us have to fund our passion with extra money from our regular source of income.

    That being are still young, and have lots of time to build up a reputation. Get yourself out there so that people can see & hear about you & your work. Word of mouth will go far...if you are good. Keep at it. You may not be too successful at first but think about when you are 18 or 20. You will be able to say that you have 4 or 6 years experience.
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