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How to mount photos for kitchen wall / what supplier to use (UK)?


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May 25, 2024
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United Kingdom
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Just putting the finishing touches to a new kitchen in an extension, and want to finish it off properly with some photos (mainly landscapes) from our travels. What I'm torn over is how to mount them...wanted to ask the collective expertise on here for advice.

Two photos below of the space they'll be going on - high-up below the raised ceiling, so they'll be out of touching range but hopefully big enough (probably >60x40cm, 3 in a row on one side, TBC on the other) to still have an impact. Area under the flat part of the ceiling is c.2.7m x 1m. The first image gets direct sunlight (from diagonal-right) in the morning - there's a pair of velux skylights out of sight to the right of the image, so the light possibly gets as high as that part of the wall early on, but it's certainly a bright area. Second image shows the side which will be always in the shade, but we've LED spots we can redirect if we want to highlight a photo...to be honest my main headache is deciding between properly lighting the print and getting glare off a (punchier, more saturated) glossy print or acrylic mount.

What would you recommend (and warn me away from) between:-
- Acrylic
- Aluminium (either bonded paper or onto primed metal)
- Brushed aluminium (direct print)
- Canvas
- Framed (fine-art?) paper

...and as a PS, which suppliers would you recommend? Have used DSCL for small prints and Whitewall for wall art, and been happy with both, but wondering who else is worth looking at?


If you are worried about glare I’d go with a satin finish paper mounted to board. Or canvas, but they sometimes have a glossy finish.
Thanks Rick.

I've seen matte-effect Aluminium-mounted prints from some suppliers, so I'm hoping that would remain in the mix. Canvas is probably bottom of my list as we've got a few already and they feel a little 'old fashioned' now.

Box-framed satin/lustre paper might be the right route, if I can find some extra budget.
With air contamination from cooking and UV light from windows, your choice will be limited to something more durable than an unglazed print, unless you plan on changing out. Metal prints, and uv acrylics might be an option. Wall mounted digital monitors/tvs could serve double duty.

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