How to Post-Process?


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Nov 15, 2011
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I've been making portraits for a while now, but when I see other's work, My work seems bad in front of them, cuz I can process properly.

How can I generate such tones?


Here's one of the same model clicked by me:

The first one is purple, your color is better.
Learn how to adjust levels and the histogram and how to use your eyedroppers in Photoshop Elements for color and exposure.
If you don't mind my editing your photo, I can show you a few things that would help.
I'd love that, Please go ahead :) Thanks a lot.
Thanks. Before you get to the post-processing stage, think a bit more carefully
about the background. In this case, the dark hair is lost against the shadows,
and there's a light gray road cutting across the image behind her head. Watch
for better contrast between subject and background. And when the background
is buys, as this one is, shallower DoF will blur it more and wipe out distracting
details. Some fill light would have helped in this one to open the shadow details more.
You can mimic all this is post, but you'll get better results if you can eliminate these
problems in the shot.

Animated gif ...


Thanks Peano, Looks great now. I appreciate it a lot :)

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