How to repair Olympus Pen EM "Half-Frame" Film Camera Battery Door? *Pictures


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Jun 11, 2011
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Found this amazing Olympus Pen EM Film camera at a thrift store.

However, the battery door seems to be missing its latch or the battery spring seems to be missing. Please see attached photos of the battery compartment.
Whenever I put 2x AAs into the camera, they fit loose.

How can I find parts, or repair this neat little half-frame camera?

Thanks a lot!

The only parts source is another camera. "Parts or repair" cameras are sold on eBay.
Donor, non working camera
So, there's a few options depending on your skill level. As others have said there a donor camera option, gaffer tape, you could 3D print a locking mechanism, there's mouldable plastic called polymorph that you could use to jury rig it or you could hand fit a new one with plastic and a few tools or recreate the original if you have access to a laithe and mill.
Paperweight...Look for an intact working camera. I'm seeing obvious evidence of battery leakage. Busted thrift store cameras seem to be the norm now. No clue why they're put on the shelf for sale.
A buddy of mine would say "That dun roo'nt".

Cheapest is clean it out and use gaffers tape. Or just resell it on EB.

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