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Apr 27, 2013
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Maybe you guys can help me find what I am looking for. I have a trip planned this summer to the East coast of Canada. Newfoundland to be exact. I purchased 2 backpack bags . 1 intential and the other by mistake. Anyway I ended up with a Tamrac Aero speedpack 75 and a Lowepro Rover AWII. The tamrac is nicer with the side access but lacks storage for small items. The Lowepro is OK. Bottom storage is very soft dividers. They kind of get squished around when I started putting my gear in there. Couple of side pockets and a larger top storage compartment.

I think I will be taking the Tamrac bag on the trip but now I need to some how organize all the small things and accessories I need to carry. I am looking for some small storage pouches for things like lens filters,SD cards, DSLR and video cables, flash triggers, lens pen and cleaning kit stuff. Something to put my spare batteries in . Stuff like that. It's the small stuff that I don't want flopping all over the place and just tossed in there. Really wish they would have put some more thought into small storage pockets.
I have been digging around ebay but unless I know exactly what I am looking for , typing in small storage pouches really doesn't narrow it down.

Here is some of the gear that I know I will be taking. All of this stuff will hopefully fit in the bag some how. I could be away from the vehicle at times for a while on a hike ,so I would hate to miss something because I couldn't store it.

D5100 with 18-55 and 55-300. Rubber collapsable hoods on each
Yongnuo 468 flash and flash triggers.
Sony SX43 camcorder and 2 batteries.
2 spare Camera batteries.
screw on filters for both lenses ND filters and such.
Cleaning cloth and solution, air blaster.
Multiple SD cards.
Spare AA batteries.
Canon P&S camera.
Chargers for both the camera and video camera. ( they can really be left at the hotels I guess)
conkin filters and holder. ( hope to narrow down which ones I would like to take.)

That's what I can think of off hand.

I want to take as much as possible because I plan on experimenting quite a bit with the landscape and seascape. I haven't been back to my home province in 20 yrs so I plan on taking lots of pictures and processing them when I get back . Only pictures I will toss out are the one's I know for sure are blurry or just not what I was looking for.

Just trying to find little pouches or some sort of small bags with dividers in them . I don't want my camera batteries bouncing around loose and shorting out. Maybe a small shaving kit and sew in some dividers like what comes in the backpack . Most of the important critical things will have to be in this bag as I am going to carry it on the plane. Not taking a chance with the baggage handlers with checked luggage.

Any idea's would be great.

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