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Apr 2, 2008
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Manchester, UK
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right this year will be my first time skiing since ive had a dSLR!

i'm going skiing in france with a group of 13 family friends and id really like to take my camera, now at the bottom of the slopes thers some lockers so a number 1 rule for me is, going on a slope im yet to try out of one i find difficult ill just lock it up in there

but have you any advice of anything i should buy for carrying it around?

im an alright skier and alot of the group arent as competant as i am so im thinking i might just stick to shooting them while theyre going down green slopes and i can just go ahead a bit and get them when theyre coming down

1) get insurance cover for your DSLR kit
2) make sure that it covers theft and accidentaly damage!
3) if your going to store it whilst your off somewhere else speak to your hotel about safe storeage - most will have a special safe/secuirty room where guests can leave valuble items. This would be much safe than some locker.

with that covered should the worst happen your safe :)
im stayin in a chalet wich is about a 25 minutes walk and cable cart from the slope bottom

so it wudnt be practical to keep going back there

i was more looking or advice while im taking the pictues

but tanks overread!
Use a slingshot type of bag while skiing, or a backback with good padding... You want it protected from the snow and damage if you take a fall, yet you don't want it under your coat where it will instantly fog when you expose it to the outside.

I would never put my expensive camera in a locker.....

Don't overdo it with the equipment on the slope...a camera with sensible small lens and maybe a flash for fill ..
im just planning on have the 20d and 30-80mm zoom (old but alright quality oonly worth £30) so i shouldnt be at too much loss if i break the lens and hopefully wont break my camera!
I dont like riding when im shooting i dont want to catch and edge and hang my gear on a rope for it to dry
I like to shoot with a wide lens, i think the 30-80 might be to long

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