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Howl at the Moon- week 4 p52


Oh crop!
Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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This week's theme for my project 52 is Dinosaurs. I shot a lot of my son's toys, but I liked this one best. I wanted it to look like a night shot... lost some detail in the shadows but I think it tured out the way that I saw it in my head. I used a photo as the backdrop (somewhere in Colorado) and some bounced flash.
C&C is welcome and appreciated!

Howl at the Moon by Amanda McClure, on Flickr
No tech C & C but just a comment--- I like it... Got a awesome look to it and the lighting brings my eyes to the "smile"
I think you nailed the lighting on the dinosaur. Looks great against the photo. Looks like cutting edge special effects from 1940 :)

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