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Nov 11, 2003
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So I get this e-mail from someone trying to appraise/sell a LeCoultre Compass camera. The gentleman asked me to appraise it because he wasn't able to do it, not knowing anything about antique cameras. For those of you familiar with the camera, you know it's a jewel and a half. And I've always wanted one in my collection, it's my dream camera!

Darn! This comes a few months too late because I committed financially to the Coffee Shop.:(

B-u-m-m-e-r!!! Son of a...

I'm p**sed!

There she is!
Did I spring for it? Can't...:(

Just a picture of it from the Internet. But she is pretty, isn't she?
Awww, Dimitri, I'm sorry! I hate when things like that happen. If I believed in fate, I'd say it happened for a reason. But I don't, so it's just crappy luck.

Very pretty camera, though. What's she worth?
With all the extras, in mint condition (as it appears to be) is worth between $2,000 and $2,500 book value. Selling is different though, you'll get maybe 25% less.

Pretty though!
The Compass was designed to work either with a 24x36mm film plate in a special holder or with regular 35mm film in a special back. It is a high precision instrument, as you would expect from the famous Swiss watchmaker LeCoultre.
oh right, so what exactly does the compass provide the acuracy for?.. Does it move the plate its on and change the look of the image?
No, the back is fixed AFAIK. The images are very sharp, when I mentioned the high precision I was referring to the shutter itself.

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