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Deon Reynolds

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Oct 31, 2020
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New Mexico
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Hello Everyone!

I am a professional photographer. My work is part photographic artist creating large scale public art installations and part commercial industrial/location photographer. My work is in the Archive Collection of the Center for Art + Environment (Nevada Museum of Art). In 2019 I was part of a group show “Extraction” at the Nevada Museum of Art, it was such a thrill to have my images hanging with some of the greatest photographers of our times. I make all of my own prints both digital and analog, my prints are in public and private collections around the world. I’m also available for location assignments, prior to the pandemic I had just finished an eight month assignment creating images of utility grade wind farms across the USA and Canada. Plus, at the same time I was working with another photographer creating images for a US Census ad campaign for Native Americans. I have several photographic coffee table books, most notable and my favourite is “NEVADA” published by Graphic Arts Center as part of their state book series.

Over two and a half years ago my wife (a print ad producer) and I sold our 1880 bank building in Eureka, Nevada. We packed up our Sprinter van and hit the road for what we thought would be a few months to figure out where we wanted to live. But, clients found out we were on the road and a lot of work ensued. Then, as the pandemic hit we were traveling back to Carson City, where our storage unit and mail forwarding service are to start looking for a home and studio. Needless to say we are still living in our Sprinter van… For now all of my work is gone, so I started several self assignments that will become self published books in the very near future.

My art photography is almost all created with film. I shoot with a Leica M-4 with a 50mm f=2.0 summicron Dual Range. But, mostly I shoot with and simple Hasselblad system, 501 C/M, SWC/M and Flexbody, with CF 60mm, 100mm, 120mm Makro and CFi 180mm lenses, not to mention all of the plastic toy cameras I have. All of my commercial work is done with Canon 5Ds r, ts-e 17mm, ts-e 24mm II, ts-e 50mm macro, 85mm f=1.4, 100mm macro and a 200mm 2.8 II.

For more on my photography please visit my website
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