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Jan 29, 2006
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I'm kinda fond of this picture, but I'd like it a little more I think if it didn't have that circle of light towards the water there. What could've caused that? I have a feeling I know, but eh, figured I'd get a second opinion. :)

many things can cause that... probably a flare. or, which is less probable but has already happened to me, a snowflake on the lens.
Can be a stain on the negative as well. but if you crop it off and adjust the levels a bit, it's a very nice shot!
Mystery stuff, the curse of the retro photographer.... We take for granted all the improvements in "real" photography, until we shoot some turn of the century gear. You sure learn to attempt to control your enviornment, when you are shooting those monsters with cut film holders.

I know you were using a real camera but mystery stuff finds its way into my pictures all the time. I have no idea what yours is or how to fix it but I certainly understand how you feel and I feel your pain.

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