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Huong Dan Dat Ve Tau Cao Toc Phu Quoc Express

That is easy
1. The ones I like.
2. The ones I do not like.
3. The ones I missed and will never be seen again.
4. The ones I have yet to see.

The PSAs, choice is interesting but some of the four can be a subset of the other.

A Nature photo can be part of a Journalism project, part of a travel log project or just a nature photo.
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1. Terrible
2. Wanna-be
3. Decent
4. Astounding and incredible
The OP made his initisl post 11 days ago and had not been back since. A successful troll perhaps?
I have been thinking about posting this info but I believe the members are enjoying the different types of photography. It is kind of fun and informative at the same time. =]
I can only think of two types:
My Photos
Everyone else's photos

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