I am being asked to do this dog portrait...

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Nov 13, 2007
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A friend of mine wants me to take pictures of his dog with his child and nephew. He wants them to look natural and to be done in his home. Do any of you have any tips or tricks for something like this as I do not usually work with pets etc?


It all depends on the pet and and the children. I think you have a challenge with both, but with the pet, I find treats the number one way to catch a shot. Well, treats and patience.

If the weather is warm, outside has worked best for me.

good luck
If he wants them to look natural, then don't ask them to pose..just try and capture them in the right moment
Completely depends on the dog how he will react to you and your camera. My dog would probably hide behind me if a stranger had a camera pointing in his face, and become very agitated.

What works for me is to hold a treat right above the lens. I am going to PM you a link to a great dog photographer (I always feel creepy posting someone's link :lol:)
I once tried a shoot with the neighbour's dog (just practicing my skills, nothing pro). What really helped was my wife playing the assistant. So if you can find someone to 'guide' the dog, that might help.

It really depends on the dog- how used to the camera he is and how obedient and easy he is to work with. Lots and lots of patience and some treats will help. I agree with Mathias13, try and capture them in the right moment instead of have them pose.

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