I am really new at this.. any suggestions would be appreciat


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Jul 7, 2003
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Wow I guess i am the 29th person to reply to photos of a pet snake taken in a controlled environment. Well I just like to be honest with photos I view, and besides correct exposure, this picture doesnt do anything for me. I never read all of the replies, but one that did catch my eye was the basics of photography posted by e_. Isnt this a photo gallery to post photos and maybe some comments about the photo? If it was shot in the wild I would have something more positive to say about it.
This isnt anything against you Ksshane. If youve just started out with photography try to be a little more creative with it. I'm sure your able to handle your pet. Maybe something on the street with your pet around a friends neck walking with no care, and people looking strangely at that person. Just an idea.


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Jul 11, 2003
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Wichita Kansas

Thank you for the creative criticism.

I am planning on taking some outside shots next, but I would like to point out something to anyone who might read this in the future.

There are many “many” groups that are against the keeping of reptiles. The keeping of reptiles in many city and states is already illegal because of people that were careless with their "pet" snake or lizard. These laws are always started because someone’s pet reptile got loose, or someone had their pet reptile out in public scaring other people. Although I’m sure if you ask that person with the pet reptile he or she will say something like... "Well, that was the first time it got out. I don’t know what all the excitement is all about" or "I was just taking my pet for a walk, and nobody seemed like they had a problem with it"

I guess what I am getting at is even though walking down the street with a 7-8 foot boa constrictor around your neck while people watched could possibly make for a good picture. That same picture could start a whole mess of legal problems for you as well.

Just an example of what a photo like this could start.

I just recently moved out of the city that I grew up in because of the fact that there are city ordnances restricting people from keeping reptiles. My parents live in a small town that has passed a law that you cannot keep snakes. And this isn’t just a law that is being passed in small towns either. Right now Chicago and New York City are both trying to pass laws against keeping reptiles.
Sometimes it’s not just a city but a whole state. For example it is illegal to keep many kinds of reptiles in the entire state of Nebraska.
Another thing to think about is that the city and states that have these laws don’t simply give you a 20.00 ticket, and ask you to find homes elsewhere for these animals. No, they fine you 500.00 for each reptile, and at the time of the fine they have the Humane Society take all of your reptiles, and put them to sleep.

I hope that anyone that is thinking about taking a photo of their prized reptile, or anyone’s pet reptile in public reads this first, and considers what could happen. If you must have a photo like this please go to a reptile expo where everyone is there to view the reptiles.

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