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Sep 20, 2008
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Kingsport, TN
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I've tried several settings but I can't get my camera to blur the background. I just took a picture and I used f/2.7, 1/100 shutter, iso 100, focal length 5mm, metering mode = pattern. To me the background looks as sharp as the subject! What am I doing wrong?
For one, try zooming in farther. More zoom=more bokeh. Also, you want the background as far away from the subject as possible....
Your focal length is 5mm? :confused:

Depth of field is not only controlled by aperture.

How far away from the camera is your subject? How far is the background?

A sample image would help diagnose the problem.
use a longer focal length or get closer to the subject, standing too far away regardless of the aperture will not separate the subject from the background in the way you mean and I'm hoping you have the focal length messed up there, 5mm is awful wide angle for the type of shot you're going for. H

PS. by the way the last line was a jest
One of the best/worst issues of small-sensor cameras is excessive depth of field...using a point and shoot camera, depth of field is quite deep at most focal lengths.
haha! I knew I was doing something wrong! I was about 8 feet away from subject and subject was about 15 feet away from background. I wasn't zoomed in any. here is the original unedited pic. I have an edited pic where I cropped my son out of the background! lol!
PS. by the way the last line was a jest
Are you feeling a need to self-censor now that you've posted such a long and inspirational reply this week? Don't be a poser. You is what you is, a leopard doesn't change it's spots. :lol:
I don't understand one thing though. I f I get closer or zoom in, I wouldn't be able to get all of her (head to toe) in the shot. Would I?
Switch the scene to portrait and pray it will work :)
Well, yeah if you get closer or zoom in you won't be able to get her in the shot - you have to step back and zoom in.

You're very limited with that camera... but increasing the focal length (zooming in) is really your only option.

So, take however many steps back, zoom in, go back further, maybe 50 ft... til she's in the frame. Also it'll help to have a lot of open space behind her and a distant background.

If you feel like reading a little on depth of field, I found this pretty interesting: Understanding Depth of Field in Photography
I had it on portrait. I also tried on aperture priority and it didn't work.
you have to be super close. Try only her head for now. Or buy a DSLR.
You can zoom in and back up all you want to--and the background will STILL be in focus. Why???????????

With your camera's tiny sensor, at any distance where you get a full-length woman in,m the tiny sensor's lens will be very close to, or at, or past the hyperfocal distance, given the diminutive size of your P&S's sensor...at ANY focal length available on that particular P&S camera.

You are being given incorrect technical advice by the majority of people here.
You are being given incorrect technical advice by the majority of people here.

Have you every googled your symptoms when you are sick or when your kids are sick? Scary google results! LOL

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