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    Hi everyone my name is Karisa and I am a senior in highschool. I have to do a senior project for school, it is a year long project and is supposed to be done over our carrer choices or something we are deeply interested in. So obviously I chose photography for mine, because I might not persue it as a carrer but I am deeply interested in it. I have lots of information about it, but I need to conduct an interview. We can either have real live interveiws or gets ones from internet news groups or emails. And since I don't really have the time to make an appointment with a photographer here locally and make an interview, I am here asking for help from one of you. If any of you are photographers or can give me a ligitamite interview please contact me by email. my email address is dixie_redneck_311@yahoo.com I don't need personal information just simple things like why you chose to get into photography, why it interests you, what are the requirements to become a photographer, how much on average photographers make a year, just simple things like that. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you all for your time. I hope to hear from someone who is willing to help. Thank you again!
    Karisa :)


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