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May 12, 2007
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Remember, even negative attention is better than no attention. :D

I agree: probably nobody lives there. :p

This photo is nice, but nothing particularly catches my eye as it is. Here are a few things (off the top of my head) that I would probably do if I were standing there:

1. Check out those awesome colors and textures in the roof shingles! How about a macro of those?

2. Nice "Z" shape on that door. I think I might get a shot of the door that incorporates that, and maybe something surrounding it. Or maybe just one of the Z's angles.

3. Hey, neat shadows / negative space through the window, formed by those boards inside. Maybe try to get an abstract composition by looking through that window.

4. All those boards have really good texture. Some close-ups of them, especially with nails or joints in them.

So... that turned less into a critique and more of "a peek into Dave's brain". Do as you will (I recommend steel wool).
Thanks, Dave. Based on some of your input, I did a quick crop (that I like better):

A couple more, showing the entire palace:

...and finally, one last edit:

I'd love to hear critiques of the edits. Trying to learn here! :D


I like the black and white conversion, somehow it adds to the feeling of abandonment. Maybe I'd brighten up the shadow areas a bit, but that's just me.
I like the B&W one best. The very first one looks a little soft to me. Its a great building though :) I would have probably pulled out my ultra-wide angle and shot it from down low looking up at it to get some funky lens distortion :)
that place is really neat! i love pics of dilapidated buildings
my favorite is the black and white ... i think it's a good way to portray an abandoned home :p nicely done
i really like the pic of looking through the open door too!
Whoops, I'm slow! I agree -- the B&W helps a lot (it often does for this kind of shot, unless you have specific colors that you want). The "Z" on the door shot is very interesting, I'd still get even closer. And I still want to see those roof shingles. :)
I like the second shot the best. Nice color. Looks like you added a little blue. Details are nice now. Not to keen on B and W.
Hey, wait a minute, that's my house!!! J/K :lol:

I like the B&W the best myself.

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