I felt dumb yesterday..


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Dec 10, 2007
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Los Angeles
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So yesterday my friend called me and wanted me to go with her to the fashion district in downtown L.A. She didn't want to go by herself because there are so many people there, and some are kinda sketchy.. (we did get to witness a real deranged lunatic with torn clothes screaming/chanting in the middle of an intersection until the cops and ambulance showed up) After testing my morning legs to make sure I didn't drink too much the night before to go out into the world, I decided, "yeah, it'll give me a chance to finish that roll of film in my k1000 and find out what's on it" I hadn't used that film camera for maybe a year and was curious.

So, we get there and i'm having fun taking pics. I have taken some "street" pics of people that I normally wouldn't get. Some actually looking into the lens, some guy with an awesome usa cowboy suit.. complete with beads and other shiny things. Nice shot of some street vender's weird looking truck. One awesome shot was this mannequin with the biggest west-side boobs in one of the dress stores.. just funny on a mannequin.. 6 or 7 shots later, i got to number 25.. thought.. "hey, this must be a 36 shot roll"..

Then i start to get this sick feeling.. i snap a pic, wind it, and notice the left side rewinding roll didn't move.. so i spin it around and think "wait a minute, this side isn't supposed to move if there's film in here".. and that's when it hit me.. i opened the back right there and sure enough.. it was empty..

.. luckily I also had my Holga with me, so it shouldn't be a total waste of a day..
There should be an option like we have in digital "shoot without card: off"

There should be an option like we have in digital "shoot without card: off"


hah.. maybe that's part of the problem. I'm used to the D70, haven't picked up the K1000 for over a year. The back on it doesn't have a little window, and I didn't think to check the rewind knob for tension.. I just assumed the 20 or so frames the counter was on was accurate and it was old film in there
This happened to me one time after a wedding shoot. I thought that I didn't have film in the camera, but when I opened the back, the film was in there! It had pulled off of the roll. :confused: Of course the sun ruined most of the film. From then on, I never opened the back of a film camera in the light.

BTW: I had the film come off the roll several more times before switching to digital.

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