I had always considered myself careful with my gear............


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Jul 18, 2007
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.... until today.

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 on D300 and tripod mounted. Hands full with other gear and my toe catches a leg of the tripod.

Crash, boom, bam.

The end of a lens SHOULD NOT look like this.



Time for one of these I suppose.........​


Oh well....... sh1t happens.​
I hope you have $1600 worth of those little glasses of liquid there.

I know, way to add salt to the wound. So sorry for your loss there. Did you have it under any sort of insurance plan, warrenty? Hope all works out well.

Ouch. Thats a beautiful lens too. I recommend at least 3 more of pic #4.

Quoted on a fix yet?
Oh no. So sorry. It's probably just a matter of time for most of us. I've had some close calls, but nothing like this. Damn.
Oh darn that is nasty! :(
Hope you can get it all fixed under insurance/warranty or that the repair cost is not too much!
So sorry. I hope you have it insured.
Just a couple of weeks ago dropped mine while shooting a wedding, it was mounted on my D700, luckily it wasn't as bad as yours, only problem is that now the lens is backfocusing.
Too bad! No wonder you resorted to #4 in the end! :pale:

Had my camera (lens mounted and all) crash all the way down from a hook inside the door to a stall of a "ladies" where I had put it with coat and scarf and all ... thought: this is the end to all my photography. I was lucky (that time!): camera had landed on the flash shoe only, which was dented, but not beyond repair (with a Swiss pocket knife). Phew.

At the time, I had no means to get to any #4, so it was all the better the result wasn't THAT bad.

Have another one on me then.

I dropped my 75 Summarit during a photo session with family. I was switching lenses and didn't realize that I didn't turn the lens all the way until it was locked. Lens fell off and heard a sickening thumb on the pavement behind me.

Yes.. have another cold one...
Bummer, man, total bummer. I'd definitely talk to Jose,at length, about the problem.
Yep sad day when something happens like that! Have had a couple of close calls. But the Goddess Nikonia has been giving me her protection on those. But someday may lose her favor and pay the price.

Just wondering what a repair on that would run?
Good Luck and Have another on me also.
I've made some decisions in the past year for down sizing and financial justifications. Unfortunately this one didn't pan out it seems on the surface. The cost of repair will be out-of-pocket. The two local shops that I have confidence with are shut for the weekend. Possibly Monday (Labor Day in the USA) they will be open.

Jose and I have had extensive conversations of late.
It busted where most people's 24-70's snap apart. The 24-70 is a VERY fragile lens, when you talk about pro-leve build, the 24-70 is not that. you look on DPReview and there was a bunch of people who's lens mounts just snapped off like that (often when just pulling the gear out of the bag), seemingly for no apparent reason.

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