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Sep 15, 2010
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After taking a couple of pictures of a couple of my fids last week it was suggested to me that i buy myself a puffer too help with lighting so i did......I used it for the 1st time this afternoon and took some photo's....I am posting just two as some of my fids were not being very co operative this afternoon.:x

I like #1 but i feel someone is going to say something about the bars on her cage door...lol...

Would these shots be better if i had her whole body in for example?

#2 i like also.

Thank you for looking.


the lighting is consistant, but birds in a cage are just boring and kinda annoying to most nature photographers.. that's why you're probably not getting responses...try taking them outside.. if they like their life in the cage with you they will stay around and pose for you.. if they want to be free they will fly away.. let the bird decide how happy it is in in cage.....

i'm sure i'll get slammed for this one, but as a nature and bird photographer i feel birds belong in nature, not in cages

Mike Leggero

Its rather like Michaelleggero says - the lighting is good and soft and you're getting some good details well into the beak and tongue area, a place often left quite dark and devoid of detail. There might be a bit of overexposure on the very top of the white parrot, though if you shoot RAW you might be able to get that detail back if you mess with the exposure slider and process the RAW twice - overlaying the darker version (with the upper white areas exposed correctly) onto of the regular version.

However the shot also still have a rather empty feel to them and I think part of that is the way you've shot and lit the environment they are in - it just lacks something to engage the viewer, though you yourself might feel more because you already have a connection with the main subjects

As for the subject of captive pets and the like its a muddy minefield of opinion and guesswork on all fronts - I will say however that I don't condone the release of domesticated animals into a wildlife environment. Not just from the fact that many might not survive because of a lack of skills (its not all instinct) but also because of the fact that many might not be indigenous to that area of the world and reckless introduction of new species to an area almost always leads to major problems - eg Grey Squirrels in the UK and now in parts of Europe - pigs in Australia - Cats - rats etc...
Even in areas where they are native selective releasing of a single species or species group can (if done on a large enough scale) result in problems through overpopulation of a select species.
To the first poster.

I do happen to have pictures of my Birds outside....But that is in the warmer months...Don't preach to me about birds in Captivity. I have kept Exotics for over twenty yr's and most are with me due too people not realising what they had taken on so go preach some where else:sexywink:

Overread thank you for your feed back...

Its appreciated.

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