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Jun 16, 2005
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back in Thailand with nine toddlers.
For Spring Break I spent a very enjoyable two weeks working at a Baby Home right near the border where Thailand, Laos and Burma meet at the Mekong River. Each and everyone of them were loved the camera (and adored changing the settings and looking at themselves in the viewfinder :lol: )and I must say, it was very difficult to leave them to come home to cold Canada, but I can remember some of the wonderful experiences through photos. I have only edited a few, but here are my favourites this far.

1. After flying for 16 or so hours in total darkness, one can not help but be fascinated by the magnificent appearance of the sun over the Pacific Ocean over some un-named location between Hong Kong and Vancouver.

2. Here is 1.5 year old Joseph after a 10 min. walk to a government owned garden on the shores of Chiang Saen lake. As the older kids were throwing sticks and other items into the water, he was content to just wander around. If viewed in the from the larger version it is somewhat of a self portrait (http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=127780940&size=o)

3. At the same garden they have several peacocks that are free to roam about. This one in particular I am told is rather 'fond' of the children as when they first started visiting about 6 years ago, this little guy was just a chick. He allows the older children to reach out and 'pet' him, even though 4 year old Michael isn't looking so certain about that. It looks better larger(http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=127124528&size=o&context=set-72057594099370994)

4. Last one.. for now ;). This is 4 year old Joy, and a better name could not fit her. This was a couple days before I left and the temperature had reached at least 30 C, leading to two wading pools being brought out and everyone enjoyed a good 'water fight'. My lens has never been cleaned so much, but it was worth it for their smiling faces.
Interesting series. The last one really stands out for me - those big eyes!
It sounds as if you had a wonderful experience.

I also like the last one best :mrgreen:
First and the last one here!
Wow, once again thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate each and every one. The last is also my favourite
i can not even begin to imagine the kind of experience you had! :) it must have been absolutely wonderful and heartwarming to have spent 2 weeks amidst these kids...and then equally painful to have to go back home:)
youve returned with some beautiful memoirs of you trip...
beautiful shots Brittany! i like 'em all..
thanks for sharing them... look forward to more
beautiful work brittany...must have been a heartwrenching and fulfilling experience for you. Your BW's are stunning; beautiful job on the conversions :thumbsup:
lovely images and hope to see more

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