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I love this bench!


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Aug 26, 2010
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What do you think of this? Earlier I posted it and someone said it looked a bit bright. I fixed it a little. How did it turn out?


does it help to crop it?

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What do I think? First, I think you should have reposted it in the prior thread and not create a new one lol.

Other than that, you cut her knee off.
The focl length yuo used is too short, and it has made the closest parts of her, her head and arm, appear larger than her feet by a good amount...this does not look good, and it also gives a lot of depth of field, making the background foliage a bit distracting. I think this shot would have turned out better if you had shot it from farther away, using a longer lens focal length.

The lighting is okay....open shade, with skylight providing eye-sparkle. The colors in her shirt and jeans appear a bit overly saturated.
I think this is an excellent shot (quality, exposure, and colors) for a point and shoot camera. I agree about the backing up and zooming in to get rid of the disproportionate look and you've got to watch those limbs...you cut off the knee, but I'm even more bothered by you chopping of her toes.
ok, thanks. I noticed it but I didn't know if it was the angle or what. I cropped the photo. Does that work?
Please can someone tell me if the cropping of this photo solves the problem.
To me, cropping solves the knee and toe problem, but creates another.

I can't get my eye off her fist. When cropped, her fist becomes far more noticeable. It makes me think that she's mad, nervous or just wants this to be over. Then I look at her smile and it looks less genuine and more stressed.

When I look at the uncropped version, I don't see the fist or smile issue nearly as much. I also think that the knee and toes error in the first isn't as bad or as noticeable as the fist and smile thing of the cropped one.

The smile looks less forced in the first photo as it tends to connect with the feet (minus a toe) which are in a carefree pose.

Overall, I like the first uncropped shot.
Ok, I know that I should have backed up before I shot this one, but just tell me.... does the photo work when it is cropped?
Thank you. That is very good advice and it has helped me alot.

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